Other Features

OneClickMonitor’s remote control feature gives users access to a wide range of interesting and useful features.

You can:

  • Vibrate or ring the phone
  • Send a voice message to the phone
  • Send a text message that will pop-up on the phone
  • Retrieve the current GPS position of the phone
  • Take a screenshot
  • Recover data remotely, including SMS messages, call data, contacts, history, social network activity, etc.)
  • Retrieve phone information
  • Hide or show the OneClickMonitor icon in the menu
  • Enable or disable Wi-Fi
  • Restart the phone
  • Format the phone
  • Block the phone (only available on operating systems older than Android 6.0)
Why This Feature is Useful?
Remotely gain control of the device for any situation. Discover the location of your device, your child, or your employee. Recover data instantly. Format the phone to wipe all data. Have complete control over a child or employee’s device from anywhere in the world.
Any Restrictions?

You can only block the phone on operating systems older than Android 6.0.