Remote File Download

Gain remote access to files stored on a device. Download and view files, videos, documents, photos, and other data stored locally on the target phone or tablet.

You can:

  • Backup media files from the device to your computer
  • Access local files on the device, including photos, videos, documents, and other data
  • Save images or videos from Facebook
  • Save images or videos from WhatsApp
Why This Feature is Useful?

Get an overview of all data stored on the device. Check content on the phone to make sure it’s appropriate for your child or employee. Protect your child from bullies or predators. Ensure your child is not sending or receiving inappropriate images.

Employers can monitor files sent and received via the target device. Avoid data leaks and make sure your employees are not downloading inappropriate or unnecessary files.

Any Restrictions?

You can only remotely download files that are stored locally (i.e files that are stored on the storage device or hard drive of the phone or tablet). You cannot download files stored in the cloud.

The device must have a sufficient internet connection to upload files over the internet.