SMS alert

OneClickMonitor will warn you when the target phone receives an SMS/MMS message containing a specified keyword. You’ll receive a notification on your online dashboard.

You can:

  • Receive an instant alert as soon as the target device receives a message with the specified keyword
  • Manage your list of specified keywords from your online dashboard (add any number of keywords)
Why This Feature is Useful?

Parents can setup a complete list of trigger words to protect their children. You might add swear words or sexually explicit language to the list, for example, letting you receive an alert when your child receives an SMS/MMS containing those words.

Parents can add bullying-related keywords to the list, receiving an alert every time their child receives a message from a potential bully.

Employers can add industry-specific words to the list to be alerted to data leaks. Or, employers can add personal words to the list – like sexually explicit language or inappropriate words – to prevent employees from using work devices for non-work conversations.

Any Restrictions?
There are no restrictions to OneClickMonitor’s SMS and MMS alert feature.