SMS Command

OneClickMonitor lest you remotely control the target phone by sending SMS commands. You must send an SMS that includes the SMS password and the desired action from another phone to the number of the monitored phone. The OneClickMonitor software installed on the target phone will see this as a command, allowing you to remotely access all parts of the device.

You can:

  • Use SMS to ring the phone
  • Use SMS to enable Wi-Fi
  • Use SMS to retrieve current location coordinates of the device
  • Use SMS to block the phone (only available on Android operating systems older than Android 6.0)
Why This Feature is Useful?
Gain control of a device from anywhere in the world using SMS messaging. Discover location data for the device even if the GPS signal is turned off. Silently activate a phone when it’s not currently in use.
Any Restrictions?
The SMS command to block the phone’s activity is only available on operating systems older than Android 6.0.