SMS & MMS tracking

OneClickMonitor provides advanced SMS and MMS message tracking, allowing you to view all messages sent and received by the target device. Check SMS and MMS messages from your online user dashboard. You may even view SMS and MMS messages that were erased.

You can track:

  • The content of each SMS / MMS (the words or images included in each message)
  • The type of message (whether it was sent or received)
  • The name of the sender or recipient
  • The date and time of the message
  • The location and GPS coordinates of the phone at the time of sending or receiving the message
Why This Feature is Useful?
  • Worried about your child or employee’s communication history? Want to check deleted messages?
  • Want to know exactly what texts or images are being sent or received over the phone or tablet?
  • Want to prevent harassment or data leaks?
  • OneClickMonitor makes it easy to protect your child or monitor an employee with comprehensive SMS/MMS message tracking.
Any Restrictions?
There are no restrictions to OneClickMonitor’s SMS and MMS tracking.